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What WetInk Does

86% of consumers in the UK report that they look up a business online before they ever set foot in the place, let alone spend their hard earned cash. So if your website's not up to scratch, you're losing money. You like money, don't you. Of course you do. Who doesn't.

WetInk's purpose is to help your brand or business sell itself
online in 3 ways: a good website, proper photography and effective social media management. 

And the added bon
us is that this company is run by design students at the University of Bristol. Uni students aren't exactly known for their swimming pools filled with gold coins, so our rates are more affordable than anywhere else you're going to find while we establish ourselves in the industry.


Step One

Your website is the heart of your business's online presence. It's the first place new customers will meet you, and first impressions are everything. To capitalise on what you have to offer, your digital home has to be tailor-made to sell yourself as well as your goods and services, otherwise you're just another face in the crowd.


At WetInk we offer services to both improve and streamline your current website as well as build you a new one from scratch if you're not already set up. Our policy is that you don't pay until you're happy with it, be that the first draft or the fifth (but don't worry it's usually the first).


To give your business the treatment it deseves, you need to be able to showcase it in all its glory. A website is all well and good but the 'show don't tell' rule applies to selling your business too, and a set of clean, professional photographs showcasing what you have to offer is vital in building your online presence.

Our photography service includes a location shoot, in which our photographer will come to your business and capture it in all its resplendence, before our editing team adds some final touches and gets them ready for importing onto your website. We also give you the image files for use on social media and other platforms, as well as optional headshots for you and your team to include on the site.

Step Three
Social Media

In today's era where trends and fashions are unleashed from the dark void of TikTok only to fade away in the frosty tundra of Facebook a week later, simply having a presence on social media is no longer a profitable option. Individuality is currency on social media nowadays, and forging your company's personality is how you generate new customers and keep the old ones interested.

Managing social media means staying on top of current trends, and putting your business into corners of the internet you didn't know existed. For better or for worse, at WetInk we are acquainted with these corners and can market your brand according to your specific needs.

What you really want to know...

The pricing for each indivuidual project is different, as we leave it up to you to pick and choose from our services, to work out exactly what we can do to get your business to exactly where you want it to be.

Once you know what you want, emails us at, and from there we work out pricing for your particular package.

Our work so far

From writing up menus for (seriously good) Indian restaurants to creating promotional videos for industry leading supply chain consultants (we had to look that up too don't worry), we've worked with a variety of clients.

PA new logo.jpg.webp
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The story of WetInk is not a long one, or very interesting. The company started in much the same way that many others have, in that a small group of people realised they didn't have very much money, and so set out to make some. Our group consisted of one photography and two design students, and once we decided to mash each of our skills together, WetInk was born.

Since then we've been running the business as our biggest priority, which admittedly hasn't been great in terms of university coursework, but worked out great for the business.  

WetInk has grown quite a bit since its conception, but we've kept the same team, and most importantly, the same prices for each of our services. So give us a call, and see what we can do for you.


Whether you want a shiny new website built from scratch or just to ask a few questions, please get in touch at:

or leave us a message at


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